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Цена по телефону

Цена : Цена по телефону
Тип : Продам
Дата : 13.01.2021
Местоположение : Cevat Dündar cad No139 Ostim OSB Yenimahalle Ankara. KEPİ ASANSÖR

This section shows the elevators of the classic series. Wall decoration: decoplate, colored laminate, stainless steel (black, matte, gold), glass, mosaic. Laser cut ceilings, granite floors, mirrors, stainless steel accessories. We produce elevator cabins and chassis, both a fully equipped elevator, and in parts, with or without a machine room, with a gear and gearless electric drive on cables and belts. We offer a choice of basic finishes or luxury finishes (with the use of textured or satin stainless steel, LED lighting, voice announcements, etc.). Local or foreign materials are used.


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